Reroll and Ranking


  1. Install the App and start the game
  2. Play the tutorial until you get your first 10x Summon. Do note that 5* Servants will not appear on this first 10x Summon.
  3. Continue playing the game for 1 more stage.
  4. Now you are free to collect the Saint Quartz from your mailbox.
  5. Summon your next 10x pulls
  6. If you don’t get the character you want, reroll

Android users can go to your App settings > Delete Data and start from Step 1 again.

iOS users will need to delete the app, redownload and start from step 1 again.


Summon Rates

Servant Craft Essence
5 Stars 1.0% 5 Stars 4.0%
4 Stars 3.0% 4 Stars 12.0%
3 Stars 40.0% 3 Stars 40.0%


Tutorial Ranking

Servant Rating Note
Siegfried B Reroll
Chevalier d’Eon A Good starter but dies off mid-game
Emiya A Good starter but dies off mid-game
Elisabeth A Good starter but dies off mid-game
Marie Antoinette B Reroll
Martha B Reroll
Carmilla A Good starter but dies off mid-game
Stheno B+ Reroll
Heracles S One of the best character even after 2 years.
Tamamo Cat A Performs decent throughout


5-Star Ranking

Servant Rating Note
Altria Pendragon A – Decent damage with AOE capabilities
– Pretty decent early game
Altera A+ – AOE damage dealer
– She gets better after her 3rd Ascension
Zhuge Liang SS – One of the best Support in the game however, you might not want him as a starting unit as his damage is really low.
– He is on the “late game” priority list.
Vlad III B – As a 5-Star Servant, Vlad isn’t as good as the 4* Heracles.
– He’s command card allow him to only generate 2 Buster Cards in 1 turn which defeats the purpose of having the Berserker role.
Jeanne d’Arc S – Best Character to start with.
– One of the few “Ruler” class in the game with high survivability and support buff (immunity to the team for 1 turn).
– However, she’s a little weak in her attack department.

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