Event – FGO Celebrates 66,666 Likes on Facebook

To celebrate 66,666 Likes on Facebook, all players who started the game before 6 July 2017 will receive the following:

  1. 10 Saint Quartz
  2. 3 Summon Tickets
  3. 3,000,000 QP
  4. 3 EXP Cards 4* (ALL)
  5. 3* Fou: 3 HP, 3 ATK
  6. Skill Up Materials – Gem of all Classes x 15, Magic Gem of all Classes x5, Secret Gem of all Classes x2, Dragon’s Reserve Scale x1, Heart of the Foreign God x 1, Crystallized Lore x 1

Be sure to pick them up after maintenance and before 31 Jan 2018

Next up, Gilgamesh (SSR 5*) will have it’s own featured banner along with Atalante (SR 4*), Lancelot (Berserker SR 4*) and Cu Chulainn Prototype (R 3*).

New Crafting Essences, Prisma Cosmos (5*), Holy Shroud of Magdalene (4*) and Seal Designation Enforcer (4*) will also be added into the game.

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