5 Star Ranking

Please note that the Ratings will be updated frequently whenever a new Servant is being introduced.

Servant Rating Note
Altria Pendragon A – Decent damage with AOE capabilities
– Pretty decent early game
Altera A+ – AOE damage dealer
– Balance stats
– She gets better after her 3rd Ascension
Gilgamesh S – Buff ATK to all allies
– High Crit
– Chance of producing stars are high due to high number of hits (5 hits per card)
Zhuge Liang SS – Support Class
– Able to buff an ally’s NP gauge and Crit Strength.
– He may not be able to deal tons of damage by himself, but he can definitely help the other party members to increase their damage.
Vlad III B – As a 5-Star Servant, Vlad isn’t as good as the 4* Heracles.
– He’s command card allow him to only generate 2 Buster Cards in 1 turn which defeats the purpose of having the Berserker role.
Jeanne d’Arc S – Best Character to start with at launch.
– One of the few “Ruler” class in the game with high survivability and support buff (immunity to the team for 1 turn).
– However, she’s a little weak in her attack department.


Analysis for Rerollers

Rank 1 – [Ruler] Jeanne d’Arc
Rarity ★★★★★


Skill 1: Gain stars(crit) every turn (3turns)
Skill 2: Reduce the damage from a single enemy target’s Noble Phantasm (1 turn)
Skill 3: Immobilize a single target enemy (1 turn)

Class Skill Magic EX – Increase resistance against weakening spells
Noble Phantasm – Party immune to damage for 1 turn, party defense increase for 3 turns, party regenerate HP for 2 turns, self immobilize for 1 turn

– The most powerful class in terms of stats
– As FGO relies strongly on Class counters, Ruler becomes the natural first as she does not have any Class weakness in this game (except berserker)
– No Class Weakness
– Highest HP
– Currently the best NP in game with full party immunity for 1 turn.

– Require tons of luck or $$ to roll her.

Rank 2 – [Caster] Zhuge Liang
Rarity ★★★★★


Skill 1: Increase Crit Damage and NP Gauge to 1 member (3 turns)
Skill 2: Increase Party Defence (3 turns) & reduce damage intake (3 turns)
Skill 3: Increase Party Attack (3 turns) & “Damage Plus” status (3 turns)

Class Skill Formation A – Increase Power of Art cards
Class Skill Items B – Increase the chance of weakening status
Noble Phantasm – Reduce enemies Charge with medium chance lower defense & medium chance to stun & curse effect (3 turns)

– Support characters are usually not under the limelight. This is basically the role of Zhuge Liang.
– Alone he is pretty useless but when he’s matched with the right partner….
– Noble Phantasm is great to delay enemy’s Charge Attacks
– Works well with Servants that relies on NP to deal massive damage, he can quickly charge them up.

– Damage is so low
– Weak against Riders


Rank 3 – [Archer] Gilgamesh

Rarity ★★★★★

Skill 1: Increase attack of all allies by 3 turns
Skill 2: Increase self NP Gain for 3 turns
Skill 3: Gains C. Stars each turn for 3 turns

Class Skill Magic E: Increase resistance to debuff
Class Skill Ride A +: Increase Critical Damage
Class Skill Holy B: Increase overall damage
Noble Phantasm: Damage all enemies, Bonus damage against “Servant”

– Increase ATK to all teammates
– High Crit rate
– Since Gilgamesh is able to hit 5 times per Command Card, he is great for generating Crit Stars.

– Low survivability
– Weak against Lancer


Rank 4 – [Saber] Altera

Rarity ★★★★★


Skill 1: Increase damage of Party’s NP (1 turn)
Skill 2: Increase resistance to damage reduction (3 turns) & HP Recovery
Skill 3: Increase damage of self (3 turns) & gain Stars (crit)

Class Skill Magic B – Increase resistance against weakening spells
Class Skill Ride A – Increase power for Quick Cards
Class Skill Holy B – Increase damage with “PLUS status” (self)
Noble Phantasm – Damage all enemies & Weaken their defence (3 turns)

– Highest Damage character on paper
– Decent HP, Good Survivability
– Well Balance Stats
– Very good Supportive Skills
– Skill 1 + NP a very good combo set up for the other character’s NP. Can 1 shot most bosses.

– Weak against Archer Class

Rank 5 – [Saber] Altria Pendragon
Rarity ★★★★★


Skill 1: Increase Damage for all party members (3 turns)
Skill 2: Increase the Power of Buster Card for self (1 turn)
Skill 3: Receive a big amount of stars

Class Skills Magic B – Increase resistance against weakening spells
Class Skills Ride A – Increase Power of self Quick Cards.
Noble Phantasm – Attack all enemies & Recharge NP

– Most Balance Stats (3rd dmg / 2nd HP)
– Damage Buff for Party

– Weak against Archer Class
– Skills are lacklustre compared to Altera
– No Self survivability compared to Altera


Rank 6 – [Berserker] Vlad III
Rarity ★★★★★


Skill 1: Reduce target’s Charge with High chance + Increase NP for self
Skill 2: Increase Defence for self (3 turns)
Skill 3: Increase Resistance to debuffs (5 turns)

Class Skill Berserk EX – Increase the power of Buster Cards
Noble Phantasm – Large damage to single target & receive big amount of stars.

– High Damage Glass Cannon
– Natural counter to all Classes in the game

– Only 2 Buster Cards
– Late bloomer Stats (it’s difficult to level up your cards due to the ridiculous AP regen rate)
– NP is a Art Card thus damage is way lower compared to Hercules and Cat
– Overall stats is too balance which is a bad thing for a Berserker.
– Easily Countered by all Classes.


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